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Nurture Whole Health in Concord MA is now officially open for business!

It has been a busy summer here at Nurture! So busy that the blog that I wanted to start as soon as I opened in April got pushed to the side. Now that the end of summer is upon us, I decided that I needed to get this blog up and running so that I can start sharing some really great information with my patients. My main goal at Nurture and with this blog is to give people greater insight into acupuncture, Chinese medicine, holistic medicine, and how these things can impact their fertility and general health. I plan to update this blog regularly with things like research summaries, book reviews, recipes, and recommendations. I hope you plan on checking it regularly for new information!

Nurture is now officially open for business! We are located at 1260 Main St. in West Concord, MA – inside Concord Family Wellness. Nurture’s mission is to provide acupuncture, Chinese medicine, and holistic health services to the greater Boston area.

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