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What our Patients are Saying...

  • "I first came to Elisabeth because I was struggling with irregular cycles for a long time. I started acupuncture and herbal medicine sessions with her once a week. She coached me to change my life style, track my basal bod temperature and work on my diet, and after 2 months my cycles started to normalize. I was very pleased when I finally got a positive pregnancy result, after being seen by Elisabeth for three months." I am 16 weeks pregnant now and I cannot be happier.
    Lily, Reproductive Health Patient,
  • In the three years that I have been seeing Libby, she has positively impacted my life. I originally started seeing her for digestive issues but she has treated me for many other areas like a shoulder injury, stress, allergies, sleeping, and pain management. She has become an integral part of my health team that also supported me through a cancer diagnosis. I trust and value her opinion. She is a caring and intelligent professional who finds a solution for your problem.   I know that when I need her support she is there 100% every time. I couldn’t ask for anything else…..
    Lisa, Acupuncture/Digestive Health Patient
  • After being told by doctor's that I would not be able to get pregnant without the use of fertility treatment I began seeing Libby for acupuncture.  Libby prescribed me Chinese herbs to help with my unique issues in conjunction with acupuncture treatments.  A month before I was supposed to begin a rigorous round of fertility treatment I found out I was pregnant! Libby is not only extremely knowledgeable in the field of acupuncture and Chinese medicine but she is very perceptive to your individual needs.  Libby took the time to go over life changes and dietary recommendations that could assist in fertility.  Each treatment is unique to your needs and truly deals with whole body health. I can't thank Libby enough for helping my husband and I grow our family!
    Josie, Reproductive Health Patient
  • As a person dealing with Chrohn’s disease for many years, I was at a point where I was always feeling awful and taking a lot of synthetic medications prescribed by my GI Doctor. The medications came with lots of side effects. It was very discouraging because I was not improving even after taking all the medications. A friend of mine told me how she went to acupuncture for her digestive issues. I was very interested in pursuing a more natural approach to my treatment. She told me about Libby and how great she was at treating her. I decided to give it a try. I have been seeing Libby now for over two years and I have never felt better! I came off all my medications and see her consistently for treatment. I take a low dose of all Chinese herbs that are prescribed by Libby as well and they work great, and I experience no side effects from the herbs. I am also very active physically, and Libby is wonderful at treating my muscle aches and sports injuries.
    Jenn, Digestive Health Patient