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Patient Resources

Paper BBT Chart – Download
This resource is for our patients who want to track their BBT charts on paper.

ABORM website
This website explains what the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine is all about, and why fellows of this Board are some of the leaders in the field of Oriental Reproductive Medicine.

The Infertility Cure
We recommend this book to our patients who are hoping to learn more about how we view infertility through the lens of Chinese medicine. It is very well-written, and allows our patients to get more involved with their care, which is always a plus!

Kindera App
At Nurture, we prefer to use this app to let us help you track your fertility! If you decide to use this app, we can link our practitioner account with your personal account and look at your real-time data to come up with the best treatment plan for you.

If you are already using a different application (or just good old-fashioned pen and paper) we can work with that too, just let us know!